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Playing wordle with chat GPT 4

I'd like to play Wordle with chat GPT 4. I also attempt lying to it and giving it several words to guess. Can it guess my word correctly?
Playing wordle with chat GPT 4

It's like the title says. I'd like to play Wordle with the AI. Let's get started.

I begin by laying out the rules for GPT and ensuring it understands what I'm saying.

Sure enough, it got to the point and started playing with me.

After a couple of rounds, this is how it went. GPT eventually guessed my secret word, which was, once again - TOWER.

I congratulated GPT and asked that it treat itself to some champagne. That did not go as expected. Artistic skills are clearly missing.

Sex, lies, and Wordle

Can it tell if I start lying? Let's play another round.

After the 3rd guess, I suggest to GPT that I might lie.

Interestingly, GPT changes its guessing strategy to consider a new fact. That I might lie. Once I admitted to GPT that I lied, it continued to be nice to me.

It also confirms that it changed its strategy and reasoning based on my lie.

A mixed bag

In retrospect, I made 2 mistakes

  • I never told GPT that the word must exist in the dictionary.
  • I gave it the same word that I used in the example.

When I tried playing again with the secret word BROAD, GPT fell flat.

It had this to say when asked how it could have won.

I can tell that information extraction, summarisation, and answer retrieval are great use cases for GPT. Surfacing answers that are already known is its strong point. Its logic needs some work.

Would you like to hear about other GPT use cases you can use in the real world?