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Make it happen

Make it happen
Photo by Denise Jans / Unsplash

There are many advantages to working at a startup. One of them is empowerment. There's very little that you can't change with the right mindset.

Satya Nadella, CEO at Microsoft, writes in his book Hit Refresh.

“We had to get out of the mode of thinking in which we assume that others have more power over us than we do. I became irritated once during an employee Q&A when someone asked me, “Why can’t I print a document from my mobile phone?” I politely told him, “Make it happen. You have full authority.”

As a leader, you must foster an environment where people can `Make it happen.` Empowering people should be one of your top priorities.

As an employee, you should take advantage of companies that let you `Make it happen.`

  • Are you empowered to see funnel conversion rates on Google Analytics and change your landing page?
  • Can you see a database spike, find its reason, and fix it?
  • Is setting up a Bluetooth connection with your printer possible?

Workplaces that let you Make it happen are often the best workplaces. On that note, if you've not read it yet - check out Hit Refresh by Satya Nadella.