There are only two ways to make money in business: bundling and unbundling — Jim Barksdale, ex-CEO of Netscape.

Founders at a startup experience bundling and unbundling, but not in the way Jim describes it. In the beginning a founder is a bundled version of many responsibilities at the company. You run the HR department and onboard employees; If you’re into tech you write the code behind the app; Perhaps you also write the product marketing pages for new features.

That’s bundling. Different personas exist within you and they talk to each other. The context related to all that work is also available in one person - you.

When a startup begins to scale, the founder must now unbundle themselves. HR is now an entire team; Marketers and content writers work together to strategize feature launches. The context to perform the job however is now scattered across teams.

This makes it 10 times harder to unbundle compared to bundling. Those taking on these challenges must execute seamlessly and also collaborate with another team effectively. That does not always happen.