It’s not something we’re good at. Instinctively we’re hard wired to open our favourite sites or apps. Before long, we’ve forgotten what we were even up to.

The first site that we open when we are distracted is almost pavlovian. Open tab -> type -> press enter. We are conditioned to waste time. While we wait for a reply on slack; While the code compiles; Between customer calls; 15 minutes after lunch. It takes up our times.

One way to stop this is to open your browser and visit a site related to work. But you’re not allowed to open any more tabs. Say you’re working on a Figma design; A WebFlow marketing page; The list of customers you must call today. You can open no more than one instance of this.

Whenever you feel the urge to open another tab and type in `reddit` / `techcrunch` / `twitter` - check yourself. I promise it will do you wonders.